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How Exercise benefits Mental Health


We all know the fact that exercise is crucial for physical health. But it also benefits mental health. Exercise boosts your mood, improves your sleep, and helps you deal with mental health issues. It helps to prevent stress, depression, and anxiety. Mental disorders are getting common. According to the research, almost 13.1 million adults are … Read more

Intermittent Fasting and Running


Running is a great full-body exercise that helps in toning your body, improving metabolism, and burning all the extra calories. However, this also means that you need to eat well. When people talk about intermittent fasting with running, this seems like a very good combination because they feel fasting is all about starving. However, the … Read more

Is Cardio Best for Weight Loss?


Cardio is a great way to exercise for overall health benefits and will support your weight loss efforts. However, to speed up weight loss and maintain the weight you have lost it’s important to do some form of resistance exercise. Put simply; to maximize calorie burn (burn fat) you need muscle. The more muscle you … Read more