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How to Use Running As Conditioning for BJJ

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is known to be one of the most intense combat games. This art is still going through an evolution and new things are being added as the trends proceed. BJJ is a complete martial art where you have to acquire submission through grappling, bloody chokes, and holds. Overall you do not have to strike someone or attack them, instead, you have to roll and fight on the ground mainly. When beginners enter BJJ they are asked to start with cardio and intense workout that will help them get into shape. This reduces their chance of injury and helps them with performance as well. The training and conditioning of BJJ are linked with the way a person controls his body. You need to have a real interest in the combat sport and you also need to know how you will be using your body perfectly. It is a common misconception that upper body strength drives the overall fighting process. As long as your upper body is strong you will be able to win the fight. Maybe, this was possible in the case of wrestling where your weight or strength matters. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu favors the weak, it is a technical game that encourages the use of the brain. You need to have a complete strategy according to the opponent and you cannot just wing it when you are on the mat. Since it is an intense combat game, it has an intense impact on your body and its performance as well.

With the help of this article, we will highlight the importance of conditions in combat sports and especially BJJ. We will further discuss how you can use running as a conditioning exercise that will help in building strength and endurance and get you ready for the BJJ fight.

How You Can Use Running As a Conditioning Exercise for BJJ

For condition-based exercises, you need to understand that you are working on the strength of your body and trying to improve the overall endurance as well. If you look at running you will see that it is a full-body exercise that is not just good for your leg muscles, it is very good for helping your body burn extra calories, tone it up and still improve your breathing. To understand this, you need to learn about the importance of breathing as well. When you take enough time, enough oxygen, and then start your exercise, you enter the aerobic phase for extracting energy. However, as you move forward and try to burn more, you enter the anaerobic phase which is very difficult to reverse. Within this phase, you do not need too much oxygen and there is a byproduct called lactic acid that gets accumulated in the muscles. This can be painful and might even trigger extreme aches as you move around.

Focusing On Technique to Help With Conditioning

Since you can easily slide into the anaerobic mode, it is very imperative to see how you are running. Start by noticing the way you run. Try to divide your running time based on the BJJ rounds. This can all come down to the level of belt you have. You either need to keep track or just move by the standard time of 5-7 minutes each session.

You can also start strength training with running by using the HIIT method. You have to divide the overall time and then add a rest period after each intense session. This will not only help you with the process, but it will also help you stay toned and build enough stamina that you will not be very tired easily.

Setting a frequency to ensure that you are not overworking is very important. Most people end up exhausting their body which only affects their recovery time. Overtraining affects your conditioning negatively and also has a very strong impact especially if you are going to get on the mat in the next few days. This is the reason, you have to set a timeline for your running rather than adjusting to the time you have. Setting a simple workout routine will especially help you in this regard.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, BJJ is a mixed combat sport that requires good grip, a sharp mind, and muscle memory. You can learn technique but you also have to polish it over time so you can perform better. With BJJ every step and every exercise is helpful and it further helps in the overall performance. BJJ is both aerobic and anaerobic so you need to be very vigilant when you start your workout. When you are on the mat you will have to rely on both aerobic and anaerobic systems to gather energy. BJJ is not just the command over your body and its movement, you also need to have command over your mind. The strategy-making process, your degree of movement, and overall strength matter a lot in BJJ and collectively they determine if you are going to win.

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