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What Is Tabata and How It Is Different From HIIT

When it comes to intense exercises, limited time, and vigorous results, everyone thinks about high-intensity interval training. There is no doubt HIIT is taking the fitness world by storm. It is becoming one of the most loved and yet most effective exercises. Most people complain that they do not have enough time yet they aim for immediate results and that’s when high-intensity interval training was invented. Consisting of basic cardio-based exercises, high-intensity interval training helped people to get better results in minimum time by using simple yet effective exercises. You do not need any technical training and no hefty equipment. Most people complain that a healthy lifestyle is very expensive because they need good sportswear, equipment, gym gear, and a gym membership. Investing in all these things can be very expensive. HIIT answers all these questions but there are so many different variations of HIIT as well. Tabata is also a variation of HIIT that is rapidly becoming famous.

With the help of this article, we will mainly talk about Tabata and how it is different from HIIT. We will further explore which option is better and why you should use either one or both.

What Is HIIT?

High-intensity interval training consists of simple high-intensity exercises sessions of 1 minute or more that are followed by small intervals of rest like 1 minute and then followed by another high-intensity exercises session. All these exercises consist of simple cardio-based workouts and they are very effective. There are so many different examples of HIIT including as many rounds as possible (AMRAP), CrossFit, P90X, Orangetheory, and Tabata.

  • Some of the main benefits that are linked with HIIT include:
  • It is an excellent exercise for improving cardiac health
  • It helps in maintaining blood pressure, blood cholesterol level, and blood sugar level
  • It helps in reducing fat content and also help in weight loss
  • It helps in reducing stubborn belly fat
  • HIIT helps in increasing strength and endurance
  • It is a very good exercise for diabetic patients and helps in improving insulin sensitivity.

What Is Tabata?

Tabata is a type of high-intensity interval training but rather than longer one-minute exercise time you just need a few seconds. People usually start with 30 seconds of high-intensity exercise followed by 10 seconds of the rest period and then 30 seconds of an extreme workout again. This generally takes less time but you just need to keep repeating till you are done with your time.

Some of the min benefits of Tabata training include:

  • It is very good for getting rid of body fat and helps in acquiring lean muscle mass
  • Tabata helps in improving metabolism rate
  • It is very time effective which is the reason people who complain about limited-time love this exercise.
  • This helps in boost the overall fitness especially anaerobic and anaerobic fitness
  • This exercise is very good for cardiac health

How Are They Different

The main difference between both types is time. Within HIIT you have more time and hence you need to repeat the cycle till you get tired. Most people think HIIT is so intense and long that they give up. However, Tabata is intense but very simple and short. You do not even need too much time. Although both workout patterns bring better results you need to choose according to your perfect. You have to see if you can work hard or you have enough time apart from this, your fitness goals and the level of fitness also matter. As a beginner, you can start with Tabata but as your progress, you can try other options as well.

HIIT provides you the opportunity to keep going and you can add the workout according to your need. Just keep going and add more workouts. These workouts are flexible and are easier to repeat. The time you have is another very significant reason so if you have less time or you are just a beginner Tabata is a much better option.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to the choices. Both exercises are easy and do not require too much investment in sportswear or gym equipment. You can plan a simple workout routine and follow it without depending on others. HIIT liberates you from the shackles of a gym membership and you can do it anywhere any time. As an athlete or as a fitness expert you can also try both training and the best part is that it is equally good for beginners and experts. Both these exercises can work as an assisting exercise that can help you improve your overall progress in the fitness world and the world of combat. Most people choose these exercises because they bring better results in a short time and they do not have to wait for months or years for better results. Just like most exercises, you just need to focus on consistency, regularity, repetition, and the way your body progresses with time. Most athletes use HIIT for strength and endurance whereas it is helpful in weight loss, burning fat, and much more.

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