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What Makes An EMOM Workout Different From AMRAP?

Over the years we have seen so many different workouts that are being endorsed by fitness trainers. We have seen weight loss exercises, muscle gaining exercises, muscle cuts, and definition exercises. However, one of the main exercise types that are being used for both muscle gain, the definition of muscles, and weight loss is HIIT exercise. High-intensity interval training is a workout pattern that uses simple high-intensity workout sessions followed by rest sessions. The idea of HIIT workout is to help your body reach its maximum level of fitness by using simple cardio-based workouts. These workouts are simple and can easily be customized according to the need. As HIIT workouts are getting famous, trainers are devising new variations that can help people meet their goals. Two of the most famous HIIT types include EMOM and AMRAP. Although most people think that they are more or less the same, trainers say that these are variations and must have a few differences.

With the help of this article, we will explain the two variations of HIIT. We will explore the similarities and differences and we will further know how you can make a simple HIIT workout on your own according to your set aim and goal.

What Is EMOM?

EMOM is also known as every minute on the minute workout. Within EMOM, you will repeat the same workout every minute. Within the EMOM workout, you can select a circuit-based training, and then you will repeat the same pattern according to the designated time. You also need to maintain the duration of your routine otherwise you might end up surpassing that. A simple example of this workout will be to select four different cardio-based moves that you will repeat over 10 times within a minute. In case you complete this within one minute you can art the next but if you have completed it before time, you have to take a rest for a few seconds.

This workout is good for correct posture, technique and focuses on the quality of movement. You will have dedicated time and you will eventually see improvement in your performance.

What Is AMRAP?

The AMRAP workout is another very effective HIIT workout that you can use for weight loss and muscle gain. It is especially important for strength gain. This workout is known as “as many reps as possible” so technically there is a focus on time, you choose the workout and perform each move as many times as you feel is possible within a limited time. This will help you to track your progress by challenging your body. Maybe you will start with 5 reps per minute but as you continue you will see improvement in time and you will have 25 reps within one minute. This is an excellent way to compete with yourself and you will teach yourself to be better and faster. When you choose an AMRAP workout make sure to choose different muscles so that if your upper body gets exhausted you are still working on the lower body. Repeating the same workout will exhaust you and this overtraining will eventually cause injury as well.

How Are EMOM And AMRAP Different?

Both EMOM and AMRAP are equally important and beneficial. With the help of every minute on the minute, you can easily focus on the same muscle group. You divide your workout for the day and only work on one group of muscles. On the contrary, with the help of an AMRAP workout, you will easily work on your whole body. This will offer you a better workout pattern that will involve your whole body and you will challenge your will. Most people like the idea of challenging themselves so they track progress by increasing speed. This is a very good exercise for strength and conditioning and you will eventually see that your body is developing. Both exercises help win by knocking out body fat and increasing muscle ratio as well.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to your goal and how you want to reach your set goal. Most people find it better if they can go and challenge their body limits. Other people find it motivating if someone can set a counter for them. Although, experts say that it is better to set a counter because this will help you track your progress, however, sometimes it is better to go with the flow. A common misconception about these workouts is that you might not even see the progress which is not possible. Even if you do not track your progress, you will see that over time your body will develop strength and this will help you double your progress as well. With AMRAP when you are left with the choice to challenge your own body, you will see that unconsciously you will count and try to develop better progress. However, if you have a counted number, or you have a time limit to your workout, you will blindly follow without challenging your body limitations.

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